December is for Remembering #3/24

I still giggle when I think of the story she told about how she raised the shade to see a plastic pink flamingo gawking at her.


Do you remember a time…maybe in the ’80s…when lawn flamingos were de rigueur? Good friend Donna and I used to laugh long and hard over the use of these as yard decor.

Gaudy pink flamingos dominated our jokes for quite a while. It got to the point where I couldn’t resist placing one of those “objets d’art” in the bushes below her front window. I knew that after she nursed her infant son and placed him in his crib, she’d return to her chair with a book and a cup of tea. Thirty-plus years later I still giggle when I think of the story she told about how she raised the shade to see a plastic pink flamingo gawking at her.

I’d forgotten that story until a few years later when Donna gifted me with a small pink flamingo, suitable for hanging on our Christmas tree. And now each December when I unpack the ornaments, I’m reminded of the fun she and I shared.

One of my favorites: the summer we decided that if we ran together we’d be far less likely to put off much  needed exercise and maybe even lose a few of our “mommy pounds.”
IMG_0201.JPGWe ran in the early a.m., counting those pink flamingos in neighborhood yards and gardens. But in those pre-cell phone days we signaled each our intentions by hanging a white dishtowel on the clothesline.

We were at least two months into this project when we finally admitted to one another that any morning with a bare clothesline was a gift. Turned out that while we loved one another’s company and counting pink flamingos, we detested running.



I still don’t have a trim figure, and I still hate exercise.  But what I do have are all the memories of good times spent with a good friend. Thank you, Donna.

Author: Judy Westergard

Retired English teacher, self-taught painter, inveterate reader and still lovin' my Kindle!

One thought on “December is for Remembering #3/24”

  1. …your daily posts are lovely gifts to us, Judy–and if all the pink flamingos that I, also, remember laughing at, looked as beautiful as your Christmas tree ornament, I would have wanted a flock of them in our front yard!

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