COFFEE SHOP SNAPSHOT #7: Sunday Morning Vibe


Sunday morning in my favorite coffee shop — so different from Monday through Friday when the vibe is intense, focused. It even feels different from Saturday and its sense of “let’s party.” All the Sunday cliches are true, at least today; lazy, relaxed…even the body postures of patrons are different. More readers than writers, more folks chatting to a partner who’s listening.

Selections  from “The Big Chill” on Sirius radio remind me of my teaching days: “Wow, Ms. W.! What is this? I want to get our prom DJ to play it. We could dance to it and talk!”



I’ve left my gallery, put away my paints. Don’t know when I’m comin’ back. All I know is that I’m art crawl free and lovin’ it!

Art-A-Whirl 2015 opens today northeast Minneapolis. It’s sponsored by NEMAA (NorthEast Minneapolis Arts Association) and it’s a huge open studio tour. Over the last 20 years it has become the largest open studio tour in the country. (Directions are below.)

And I’m not in it!

Days End
Day’s End Oil on Archival Paper

Did you hear the  gleeful giggles in that statement? I’ve had such fun with art over what has pretty much added up to a fifth of a century. I’ve talked with so many interesting people from all walks of life, from art connoisseurs to novices, from serious collectors to lookers. From them I’ve learned a lot… about art, about people, about me. But I’ve decided that the time has come to give it up. This year I intend to go as a visitor and see what I’ve missed.

Of course, after visiting even a few studios, my desire to wet my brush will no doubt kick in and I’ll be at my easel again. But not with the pressure that I was feeling about having to produce for art crawls.

I’m curious to learn where my new-found free time will lure me.


Coffee Shop Snapshot #6

High, pressed ceiling; banquettes of golden wood line a wall. Soft saxophone jazz supplies a sense of serenity, something I appreciate after an hour of strenuous deep water aerobics in a raucous pool.

IMG_0752I ogle the offerings in the goodie case. “The bacon and chive roll is probably my favorite,” the barista tells me. “It’s buttery and savory and ….”

“You had me at ‘savory,'” I say. “I’ll take it!”

I’m not sorry.