I returned in 2010 from a vacation in Mexico filled with trepidation. Forty-eight hours prior to that return flight, I’d experienced a sudden and alarming change in my vision; “wonky” is how I described it to the team of specialists I’d soon see. CageB&W is available through, and if I can figure out how to format it, it’ll be available as an e-reader shortly after that. It’s snarky and funny because that’s how I get through trying times.  Here are a couple of comments from folks who agree with me (bless their literature-lovin’ hearts): 

“An engaging telling of a life changing event. Beautifully written with a sense of humor and purpose. Judy paints, with words, exactly how a couple gets through some terrifying times.”      ~~Kathleen Daughan, painter

    “A truthful and gifted writer, Judy shares her world shattering journey as a woman with a brain tumor in a way that made me laugh, cry, cringe and smile. It’s a memorable and ultimately, life affirming story.”      ~~Donna Tabbert Long, writer

Author: Judy Westergard

Retired English teacher, self-taught painter, inveterate reader and still lovin' my Kindle!

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